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2016 Voter Presidential Election Guide for pdf download or to print

The 2016 Election Guide: Harm Reduction &
Why It Matters: A Brief and Concise Analysis
of the decision between
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

It's IMPORTANT to look at Trumps' actions as a business man and not his policy positions.

0. NO PUBLIC OFFICE EXPERIENCE. Would you hire someone who has never done dentistry to work in your mouth or someone who has never repaired cars to work on your car? Probably not. Likewise, Trump has ZERO EXPERIENCE in public office.

1. NO REAL POLICIES. He doesn't really have policies. His entire approach is not fact based. It's a cult of personality from Reality Television Programs. THERE ARE NO STATED POLICIES on a number of subjects and it doesn't really matter from Trump's perspective because Trump says he can change his mind at any time.

2. INCONSISTENT AND UNTRUSTWORTHY. He's stated that he is free to change his mind at any time on any policy -- it's not about positions on policy for him. For example he can also just change history and say that Hillary started the birther movement which we know is not true since he started the birther movement. He's stated that it doesn't matter if he's telling the truth or even speaking consistently. He previously stated that Hillary was a criminal for voting in favor of the Iraq war. However, when a reporter pointed out that Mike Pence also voted for the Iraq War and asked if that bothered him, he said no. The reporter followed up asking about the discrepancy in his opinion on Hillary Clinton's vote and Mike Pence's vote, and he said he didn't care.

3. DISDAIN OF WOMEN, HISPANICS, BLACKS, MUSLIMS, GOLD STAR VETERANS, JOHN MCCAIN. Trump believes that being politically correct (PC) is an act. He doesn't comprehend that it is not about being PC, but actually internalizing these values toward a more global respect for people. His disdain of Hispanics as rapists and drug dealers, people in wheelchairs and women---stating that a woman would look on her knees on national television---that the Kahn family attacked him when they expressed with clarity their views, his farce in reaching out to Black people while refusing to disavow David Duke, calling John McCain a loser for being captured... the list goes on and on of insulting behavior toward people of all kinds and races. It's not about being politically correct, it's about living from a place where a potential president already values people of all backgrounds.

4. DISDAIN FOR AMERICAN WORKER: MANUFACTURING OVERSEAS, HIRING FOREIGN WORKERS, NOT PAYING AMERICAN WORKERS He recently started copying parts of Hillary's speech which she gave at the DNC when she stated she was going to bring jobs back to the US. He talks about bringing jobs to the US and in the mean time Trump's own manufacturing is abroad---not in the US, hiring foreign workers and buying and manufacturing goods abroad. A number of architects and construction businesses in NJ were bilked (unpaid) and lost thousands, some almost losing their businesses from doing work with Trump. Trump University is another scam on the American public.

5. DISDAIN FOR THE MILITARY: Stating that our military is in shambles. Disrespect for the Khan family as a Gold Star Family. This was a powerful moment in history, when the military families began backing up the Khan family.

5. THE WALL. Trump states he will build a wall on the border with Mexico with the Mexican government paying for it. Mexico has stated plainly that they will not pay for it. It's completely unfeasible to build the wall-- everyone knows that it can't and won't be built.

6. UNPATRIOTIC, TREASON-LIKE ACTS. Suggestiing that the Russian government hack Hillary's servers. Intimating a veiled suggestion to NRA members that they could take care of Hillary. To even suggest that another candidate be taken care of, it's illegal to threaten a presidential candidate. To suggest foreign governments attack US governmental agencies is unpresidential and it could be considered treason. One of Trump's campaign managers failed even to report his association in working on Pro Russian issues involving the Ukraine at the same time the DNC was being hacked.

7. WAR, NUCLEAR ARSENAL IN TRUMPS HANDS? Mr Trump shows the emotional maturity of a person averaging between 13 and 17 years of age, some suggest even younger. Some generals in our government have already stated they will stand down his orders. Many have even wondered how safe it is to give Trump information in Security Briefings. We are uncertain of the ties, Donald Trump has with Russia and whether these ties might be revealed if Donald Trump were to release his tax returns as the conservative journalist George Will has suggested. Ties with Russia other other investors from heads of states would be a conflict of interest for a sitting President of the United States.

8. REPUBLICAN LEADERS ARE DEFECTING TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY: Romney, Kasich and President Bush Senior have all stated that they will be voting for Hillary in the election.

9. PRESIDENTIAL POWERS: Appointment of Supreme Court Justices for the good of the people is critical. The Republican Party's policies on a number of issues are backward especially in regards to women and the 99%. There are massive number of decisions including about 2000 appointments. A president can appoint ambassadors, negotiate treaties. Thousands of decisions where the president has influence and executive powers are at stake.

10. GLOBAL WARMING: The Republican Party does not believe in Global Warming.

11. TRUMPS SPEECH IS ABUSIVE. Trump employs bullying, projections accusing others of what he is doing, trivializing, threatening, name-calling and other types of demeaning speech frequently in his communication with others ---heretofore hardly witnessed on the political stage for a presidential candidate. This is highly suggestive of a lack of maturity, not to mention personality issues.

12. AGAINST WOMEN'S SELF SOVEREIGNTY: Trump is against women's right to choose. He used to be pro choice and now he is prolife. He has no respect for women's rights. He's insulted a reporter, a comedian, and other women on national television.

The Republican Party's Position on Abortion: It is unclear if the Republican National Committee's (RNC) Platform ban on abortions includes any exceptions when the health of the mother is at stake.

The RNC believe that womenís bodies should be managed by the elected officials in government--- not by women themselves. It begs the question which century the Republican Party is in. Are women still chattel (property) to be managed by others?

Previously Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Il.) was among the uninformed stating again that there is no exception for the life of the mother because he thinks that with modern technology there is no need to abort to save the motherís life. This is simply untrue. Three of our collaborators would not be alive today. Two of our collaborators would have died without removal of a fetus growing in the fallopian tubes ---which is deadly for women. In addition in the second case, this would have meant that the mother would have died, a brother and sister would not have been born, the husband would have lost his wife and his young daughter would not have had a mother under these policies. According to the National Library of Medicine of National Institutes of Health, "An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb (uterus). It is a life-threatening condition to the mother. The baby (fetus) cannot survive". And neither can the mother survive without an intervention.

Why is a full grown womanís life not worthy of being saved when the fetus will not survive? Why does it make more sense to let her die, rather than to use life-saving measures if they are really pro-life? Why do these pro-lifers not apply this pro-life stance to war and to inmates on death row and abolish the death penalty?

13. Tapes of more Trump attitudes about women from Access Hollywood about him sexually assaulting women and grabbing their pussy are available on line. These comments and attitudes are not only unprofessional, but resulted in a national outcry concerning how we treat women.

14. The last time the Republicans took office, they wiped out the treasury spending trillions of dollars on war on their cronies businesses such as Haliburton. This money was spent on a war which was founded on a false premise of weapons of mass destruction and on work in Iraq much of which was reported to not have been completed. That Republican administration left the country dangling with a banking catastrophe and wiping out all the Clinton Presidency's surpluses of the national treasury. Some day that Repubican adminstration will be seen for what it was: as pulling off one of the greatest heists in world history, leaving this country in an extreme crisis when Obama took office. 15. We need to question the maturity of a party that makes claims that they will prevent any Supreme Court appointments and has already done so for months, even with an acceptable well-qualified candidate.

Hillary Clinton

0. REAL EXPERIENCE IN PUBLIC SERVICE: Including as FIrst Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.

1. RESPECT FOR PEOPLE OF ALL BACKGROUNDS: This does not come from a false idea of the importance of this, but from actual embodiment.

2. CLIMATE CHANGE & ECOPOLICY: Democrats believe with scientists in climate change. Commitment for half a million solar panels to be installed in her first term in office which additionally will make good our climate actions and commitments that were signed at the recent summit.

3. BRINGING JOBS HOME TO THE US: Clinton has proposed business incentives to bring jobs to back US, not allowing businesses to be tax free when shipping or maintaining jobs abroad.

4. WOMEN'S RIGHTS: Will be maintained during a Clinton Administration and not rolled back to last century's policies.

5. FOURTHCOMING: Tax returns and responding to questions.

6. RESPECTFUL SPEECH: Important for international relations and peace-keeping.

7. MATURITY AS A PERSON: Hillary has weathered many storms making her person strong. She knows also when to take a break from campaigning.

8. BENGHAZI: The fact is that the Republicans refused to give more funding to the embassy in Benghazi for increased security.

9. SERVER HACKS: Colin Powell stated that he also used similar communication servers as Hillary did.

10. SUPREME COURT JUSTICES: Hillary as President would have the power to make important decisions such as Supreme Court Justices and some 2000 other appointments.

ANALYSIS: It's not about liking someone, it's about who can run the country better. Looking at this from a perspective of harm reduction, we need to ask ourselves which of these people will likely produce less harm to our country, to our citizens and to the world.

We think that person that can run the country better is Hillary Clinton with a Democratically led Senate and as much support as possible in the House.

We need to thank Trump for running actually because what he did was lay bare most of the policies of the Republican party, policies which we might even be less reactive to when listening to a Pence whose calm demeanor might fool an electorate into believing that his policies are not equally backward. It is our conjecture that even if Trump were elected that people like Rove and possibly international influcences will be running the country in the background. We need to question the maturity of a party that makes claims that they will prevent any Supreme Court appointments if a Democrat is elected.

www.VotewiththeFacts.org © 2016. Permission granted to share & circulate everywhere with credit.

The US Face to Face Voter Project was founded around May 2003 for the 2004 Election. A group of dedicated citizens worked around the clock with only the wish to protect our country by supporting them with the facts and protect other countries in the world from our failed diplomacy. Our data is still here listing the facts of what the results of the incumbent 2000 administration was doing to our country under their leadership.The original idea was for citizens to educate citizens.

This 2016 election year we are providing this concise summary of the deep concerns to us as citizens in these tickets.

This does not however mean that we do not have concerns about our government in general, about drones, surveillance without oversight, about Guantanamo and about our methods regarding terrorism, when we our perhaps creating much terrorism ourselves world-wide.

Since US policies affect the world and the lives and deaths of so many, there may not be a more urgent matter than citizens to be informed nationwide to counter the "spin", register voters, and support them all the way to the polls.