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Vote with The Facts!

What is the US Face to Face Voter Project?

Since the policies of the United States, such as pre-emptive strike, affect the entire world and every living being, in 2003 we felt there is no more urgent matter than to reach out and share these facts nationwide to counter “the spin,” register voters, and support them all the way to the polls.  

We wanted to spread the truth about the 2000 administration by way of the US Face to Face Voter Project, which was based on documented facts.  Instead of depending on the mainstream media or the internet as a main means of propagation, our methods included meeting with people one-on-one and in groups and organizations.  We feel that face to face contact between people would make a difference.  Evidence shows that voting happens in a social context: for example, teachers are more likely to vote, and church, temple, and mosque attendees are more likely to vote.  People connected in organizations like unions and other groups are more likely to vote.  From these examples, we believe in the importance of the social context of voting and sharing information.

Why talk to other people? Why not just use the media or the internet?

We still believe it is through the committed action of people such as yourselves which will succeed in educating others and increasing voter participation. Many people learn about what is going on, not from school, not from the media, but from listening to committed citizens, their friends, and family.